Panorama Resources



Stitching Software

  • Hugin - A cross-platform open source panorama photo stitching and HDR merging program.

  • PTGui - Panoramic image stitching software for Windows and macOS.

  • Microsoft ICE - An advanced panoramic image stitcher created by the Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group.

  • Lightroom Photo Merge - Less control. Best for smaller panos.

Pano/Gimbal Heads


Displaying Your Photos

  • GigaPan - Easiest way to host ultra-high resolution photos.

  • Prodibi - The prettiest and easiest solution. Best for embedding into websites or viewing fullscreen.

  • Zoomify - Easy all-in-one solution for creating and embedding zoomable images into websites.

  • OpenSeadragon - DIY solution; requires more work, but you have more control over the end result.